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How can you help??

I am a 100% volunteer, full-time, career missionary.

This means that money for my basics of food, housing, transportation, etc, all comes from my wonderful, friends, family, and maybe even a stranger or two :o)

 Vehicle Fund

Jodi Boyd,  Account # 013491-022 -- vehicle fund

I will need to purchase a vehicle when I get to Togo. This will need to be a rugged, 4x4, dependable vehicle that is capable of carrying quite a few people and stuff. Toyota Land Cruiser is a good example. I will be working at both of our hospitals in Togo which are 10 hours apart over good, bad, and ugly roads!!! I will also be transporting people and stuff between the two as well as all the other ministry uses for an African Vehicle.

Please consider a one-time gift toward this essential ministry tool?!?!



Prayer support is wanted and needed and can be given at anytime of the day or night when you think of me!!!

Sorry, I have not found a way to get any deductions for your prayers :-O


Jodi Boyd,  Account # 013491

--Giving allows you to be a partner with me in this great work!!!

--Donations are 100% Tax-Deductible!!!!! 

--Money can be given on a monthly, yearly, or anything inbetween basis.

--One-time gifts are also much appreciated since I will have some initial moving and set-up costs in Africa.


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Thank you and Bless you!!